The Founding of FOUR OF SWORDS

One fateful, tequila-fuelled Summer’s evening in deepest, darkest Devon, two friends stared out into the abyss of the future and knew something had to change. They consulted a deck of Tarot cards. The Four of Swords was drawn. This card represents the solid, unshakeable foundation for an enterprise founded on razor sharp intellectual endeavour. They never looked back. The Tarot had spoken!

We are Sarah White and Philip Kingslan John. FOUR OF SWORDS is a project born of Tarot, tequila, and our determination to deliver sensational theatre. We are delighted that our debut production, a shocktastic new version of Jekyll & Hyde, will be staged at Poltimore House, a truly incredible location: mean, moody and magnificent.

Our aims are:

  • to produce vital, compelling adaptations of classic stories
  • to blend theatre with film projection and live music
  • to use locations of unique cultural resonance and power

Sound good? You bet it will be! Book tickets for Jekyll & Hyde now!


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