A semi-sequel to the hit FAUSTUS at St Nicholas Priory.

In late 2014 and early 2015, Four of Swords explored new territory with a kind of spin-off/quasi-sequel to their hit Hallowe’en adaptation of Christopher Marlowe’s DOCTOR FAUSTUS, entitled DOCTOR FAUSTUS PRESENTS AN EVENING OF RENAISSANCE MAGIC. 

The show was performed at  THE DEVON & EXETER INSTITUTION, and the premise was simple: centuries after the events of Marlowe’s seminal work, Doctor Faustus has impressed Lucifer and been permitted an evening of reprieve from hellish torment in order to impress a new generation of scholars with his magical powers.

The show incorporated speeches from Marlowe’s version with ideas and elements from Marlowe’s source, THE FAUST BOOK, its sequel THE WAGNER BOOK, and various other alchemical and occult tomes. It employed science experiments, spooky stagecraft and interactive magic tricks. Oh yes, and a rap about the nine spheres of the universe.

We are exploring possibilities of putting on extra dates in the Autumn, and we shall let you know as soon as we can.


Few would contemplate – let alone attempt – a Doctor Faustus spin-off in the form of a cabaret-style magic show, yet Four of Swords pulled it off with trademark wit and inventiveness. Being in the audience for one of their shows is less like going to see a play and more like taking a surreal break from reality!
Gordon Richardson, Express & Echo

I felt completely immersed in the shadowy world of Faustus and Wagner and it was a bit of shock entering back into the real world at the end!  I find you all such mesmerizing performers and I really am not easily pleased.
Audience feedback

Another innovative production from the small crew of actors & actresses. We were sucked in and absorbed by the atmosphere and quality of the production once again.
Audience feedback

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FOUR OF SWORDS’ interpretation of Euripides’ MEDEA (a semi-sequel to our own JASON & THE ARGONAUTS) is back for two weeks this April at BEER QUARRY CAVES!

MEDEA played to rave reviews and sold out crowds at the Caves when we were there in November. Audiences were enraptured by the spooky candlelit subterranean setting, the spine-tingling choral singing, the grotesque masked chorus, and of course the tour de force title-character portrayal by FOUR OF SWORDS co-founder Sarah White.

“Utterly absorbing, I forgot about the rest of the audience around me and I felt as if I was spying on a very realistic domestic. All the actors were amazing but Medea stole the show; whatever the superlative of amazing is with bells on!”
audience member feedback

As with all our shows, places are limited and early booking is advised. Audience members will be on their feet for the play’s 75 minute run time, so comfortable footwear is a must. Wrapping up warm is also advisable, and a torch to guide you back safely to your car at the end of the night might also be a good idea. Be advised that the show is too creepy for under 11s.

Dates: 11th-21st April 2018  Times: 7pm & 9pm  Price: £15
Location: Beer Quarry Caves, Quarry Lane, Beer, Seaton, Devon EX12 3AT