A sister project to our crowd-fave Jekyll & Hyde and inspired by our work on the text for Cambridge University Press [which earned a nomination for best Secondary School digital product at the British Educational Training & Technology awards], FOUR OF SWORDS’ FRANKENSTEIN presented a visceral, terrifying adaptation of the Gothic classic. 

We created a look for our version which eschewed filmic notions of the Monster for something much more human and faithful to Shelley’s original.

As with previous shows, the production featured live music, larger than life performances, striking production design and, in this case, some sense-shattering savage electro soundscaping!

Our vision of this terrifying tale was last performed in October 2016 at the grand estate of Great Fulford.

Tremendous performance. Loved the atmosphere and imagination. Thought you did a great job
at adapting a weighty text.
Jon Seal, author of Frankenstein: GCSE Literature for AQA Student Book

You might think having the audience shuffle from one room to the next between scenes would break the theatrical spell, but when you find yourself flinching because someone is pointing a pistol in your direction, you realise you’ve suspended your disbelief and become fully immersed… This production – quite possibly their best yet – was a potent reminder of the power of theatre to shock, unsettle and make us question our most basic assumptions about what it is to be human.
Gordon Richardson, Express & Echo

Thank you so much for a mesmerising performance in such a perfect setting.
I was blown away by the power and the passion!

Audience Feedback

Truly outstanding performance by Four of Swords. You guys never fail to impress.
Audience Feedback

Still trying to shake off the feeling that I saw something unexplainably real last night,
and tell myself it was only THEATRE.
Teacher Feedback

Thanks for the excellent Frankenstein show last night. It was a fantastic atmosphere in Fulford House and a clever interpretation of the story. You even kept a screen-obsessed teenager gripped. Bravo!
Audience Feedback



 production stills by Elliot Butler / publicity shots by Matt Austin

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03 Sam Pike as Victor Frankenstein and Philip Kingslan John as The Creature by Matt Austin SMALL 05 Philip Kingslan John as The Creature by Matt Austin SMALL 02 Philip Kingslan John as The Creature by Matt Austin SMALL 01 Philip Kingslan John as The Creature by Matt Austin SMALL

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Just as Summer time is flourishing on the earth, FOUR OF SWORDS desires to lead you into the underworld of BEER QUARRY CAVES for their own unique and blood-curdling version of The Scottish!

This subterranean production is a revival of FOUR OF SWORDS’ hit 2014/16/18 show, and presents the Witches as Viking priestesses and goddesses of Destiny who guide the audience through the labyrinthine caverns of Macbeth’s homicidal ambition. The show features Shamanic techniques, haunting live music, gruesome film projections, Icelandic chanting, a splash or two of gore and even some Highland sword-dancing.

The company deserve huge applause – there were strong performances
all round with too many stand-out moments to describe.
Anna Marks, Remotegoat

The connected caves – complete with bats – echo with a constant drip-drip-drip,
perfectly conjuring the chill dankness of a medieval Scottish castle.
Belinda Dillon, Exeunt Magazine

As with previous FOUR OF SWORDS productions, audiences will be standing and walking for the duration of the 1 hour 15 min show. Please wear sensible footwear, warm clothing and bring a torch to help you find your way to and from the car! Please be advised that this show is too creepy for under 11s.

Dates: 26th-29th June 2019  Times: 7pm & 9pm  Price: £15
Location: Beer Quarry Caves, Quarry Lane, Beer, Seaton, Devon EX12 3AT

FOUR OF SWORDS’ version of MACBETH was designed expressly for BEER QUARRY CAVES, first performed in 2014 and repeated in 2016 and 2018. We have have been immensely gratified to receive some amazing feedback from our audiences. Here are some choice snippets!

A fantastic experience. I have finally ‘got’ Shakespeare and now want to see more, having resisted it for years. The production was incredible – so intense and absorbing.

We have just got home after watching your performance of Macbeth at Beer quarry caves. We were totally blown away by it. I love going to the theatre but that was one of the best performances I’ve seen. My husband isn’t a keen theatre person but absolutely loved it.

We are both COMPLETE Shakespeare virgins (managed to avoid the whole subject at school.) Now at the ripe old age of 40+ we thought ‘there must be something to this Shakespeare thing’. You didn’t disappoint. Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the performance. We enjoyed the whole thing, the candles, the acting, the tragedy of it all. I have since ordered myself a copy of Macbeth to read, so there’s testament to my enjoyment.

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