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Venue Feedback

The production of Jekyll and Hyde brought an opportunity for the derelict fabric of Poltimore House to play a unique role in what has been the most successful production ever staged on site. 
Simon Tootell, Visitor Service Manager at Poltimore House


There’s only one problem with intimate and almost tangible theatre like this, the kind that which surrounds you, whisks you up and takes you with it – you won’t want to go back to sitting in an auditorium again.
Fran McElhone, Express & Echo

Unmissable. Metamorphosis, murder and mayhem.
Anna Marks, RemoteGoat

The best play I have seen in years.
Jenna Richards, Phonic FM

Audience Feedback

Been going to the theatre for over forty years and only four or five things really stand out. Jekyll and Hyde will join them because of the attention to detail and love you brought to it.
Audience member feedback

What an utterly incredible ruinous place! I was completely transported, I haven’t had such an intense theatre experience in such a long time and it’s so exciting to see something like that in the South West.
Audience member feedback

Fantastic atmospherics. Terrifying & engaging acting. Haunting music. All round brilliant. The one thing I miss most when I moved away from London is good, original, wyrd, fringe theatre… But you nasty lot have restored my faith in the Devon theatre scene! Bravo! More… More… More!!!
Audience feedback

Schools / Education Work

The children felt very special to have their own performance…
I won’t forget the horrified delight on their faces.
Teacher feedback, Clyst Vale Community College

This is such an amazing production… Our school is still raving about it!
Teacher feedback, Bishop Fox’s in Taunton

Between our vision of what classroom resources could be like and the Swords’ pioneering take on heritage texts, we have the best package of material I have ever been privileged to work on.
Martin Phillips, ex-Chief Examiner and Project Co-ordinator for Cambridge University Press


Venue Feedback

Just a quick note to once again say how much I enjoyed your performance.
Thank you for leaving everything so tidy, it was very much appreciated.

Cressida Peers, Events at Exeter Cathedral


An impressive production that will live long in the memory.
Gordon Richardson, Express & Echo

Brilliant and immersive play… Like a child in a fantasy where they are transported into the TV suddenly there I was with a seat at King Arthur’s Round Table!
Jenna Richards, Phonic FM

Audience Feedback

The puppet looked absolutely amazing! The whole performance just wove together really smoothly…
Audience member feedback

Superb perfomances from you all. Epic costumes, puppets, music, set, just wonderful.
Audience member feedback

Macbeth title letters


The company deserve huge applause – there were strong performances all round with too many stand-out moments to describe.
Anna Marks, Remotegoat

The connected caves – complete with bats – echo with a constant drip-drip-drip, perfectly conjuring the chill dankness of a medieval Scottish castle.
Belinda Dillon, Exeunt Magazine

Four of Swords is becoming renowned for staging fabulous productions in unusual locations and this was no exception… A brilliant reimagining.
Jenna Richards, Phonic FM

Audience Feedback

The acting was incredible and in that setting it felt as though we were really there. I love going to the theatre but that was one of the best performances I’ve seen. My husband isn’t a keen theatre person but absolutely loved it.
Audience feedback

Schools / Education Work

The best Impact Day we’ve ever had.
Teacher feedback, St Peter’s, Exeter

It has improved my understanding of the story immensely and I have many positive thoughts on old English literature and language after watching your play.
Audience feedback [Year 9 student]

FAUSTUS title small

Venue Feedback

I’ve never seen St Nicholas Priory look so atmospheric. It’s been lovely working with you and I hope we can work together again on a future project.
Jacqui Channon, Events at St Nicholas Priory & Royal Albert Memorial Museum


The Medieval time warp they, and the dimly lit Priory created, was nothing short of sheer brilliance. The bounds of theatre experience have been well and truly broken and for that I thank Four of Swords.
Anita Merritt, Express & Echo

So – all in all – this Faustus is a great show sticking closely to Four of Swords winning formula. Thoroughly recommended and should provoke lots of lively debate and soul-searching… Five stars.
Anna Marks, Remote Goat

Audience Feedback

The way you interpreted the play, and especially the use you made of the venue, was as exciting a piece of theatre as I have seen since McKellen’s “Lear”.
Audience feedback

I have never before come across anyone doing exactly what you do and it is just brilliant.
Audience feedback

Schools / Education Work

Sarah and Phil managed to encourage and motivate extremely challenging pupils.  I have been so impressed with their materials, session content and presentation.  Pupils expressed how ‘inspired’ they have been and all said it has been the highlight of their time at the Centre. This has certainly been the best project that I have worked with in school and I have been working as a teacher since 1983!!!
Teacher feedback, Central Devon Personalised Learning Service

Jason & The Argonauts title

Venue Feedback

This company certainly has done something very special: to use a building that we thought would be nothing for a few years yet, and to bring such pleasure.
Rolle Exmouth Limited committee


This exuberant production from the excellent Four of Swords makes full and imaginative use of Rolle College.
Anne Broom, The Stage

If you’re looking for an entertaining and intriguing evening of theatre that everyone can enjoy… this is highly recommended.
Ben Rodwell, Remote Goat

Audience Feedback

Always thought provoking, never disappointing and fantastically good value, if Medea hadn’t lopped all my digits off, I’d be giving Jason and the Argonauts two massive thumbs up.
Audience feedback

My goodness! Ruddy amazing! The best thing I’ve ever seen – cheesy and probably cliché as it sounds, I was totally immersed. I would like to be able to add something constructive where things might have been improved but I can’t, of course I can’t, it was too brilliant. Actually, yes, it could be improved by following people on their way home and jumping out of bushes, telling them that the Gods were watching!
Audience feedback



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DOCTOR DRACULA is an immersive, multi-media theatre experience, which examines the symbolic role of blood in mythology, religion and literature, and how it intersects with a cutting-edge, medical understanding of blood in the 21st century.

The production presents a darkly magical vampiric world, bridging diverse time periods, and informed by the academic research of Prof. Nick Groom and Dr Luke Pilling of Exeter University.

In October and November 2019, the show completed a sold out run at the National Trust’s magnificent KNIGHTSHAYES COURT. In February 2020, DOCTOR DRACULA will run for two weeks at ASHTON COURT MANSION, in Bristol.

Dates: 18th-28th March Times: 7.30pm
(2.30pm Sat Matinée) Price: £17.50

Location: Ashton Court, Long Ashton, Bristol BS41 9JN


An exceptional piece which fully immerses us in the pain of love, disease and living. Dr Dracula guarantees we won’t forget the importance of blood any time soon.
Katrina Bennett, Razz Magazine

Thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant performance last night — entertaining and informative!
Audience Feedback

Enjoyed this so much, it was awesome! Honestly was blown away by the last scene outside.
Audience Feedback

Another part of DOCTOR DRACULA’s remit is to raise awareness of genetic conditions such as haemochromatosis, which is caused by an overload of iron in the blood, and found in about one in 200 people in the UK. However, only about one case in 5000 is ever diagnosed. A simple prevention and cure for haemochromatosis is to give blood (which can be safely used by the NHS as a usual donation). In addition, the performances promote NHS blood donation and subscription to the Exeter 10,000 research project.

photos by Rhodri Cooper and Matt Austin Images


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